Exide Traction Battery

Over the years, Exide batteries have become the driving force in principal economic sectors globally. In many critical sectors batteries are essential to start electrically operated equipment and keep them running in absence of main power. Forklift Trucks in Material Handling applications, Mining Locomotives, Golf Cart, Electric Vehicles, Naval applications – all depend on Exide to fulfil their needs for start-up and motive power.

Exide Traction Batteries are supplied to one of the world’s leading OEM Electric Truck Manufacturer in Germany, the country which is Exide’s main Traction market after India.

Luminous Traction Battery

There are many reasons for accepting Luminous as your Power option. Few of them are written here:-

  • High performance, High reliability & High energy density.
  • Better choice for Heavy Duty application.
  • Battery characteristics comply with IS-5154:1980 & IEC-60254:2005
  • Robust structure, thicker Positive plates are specially designed & manufactured through HADI High Pressure (100 Bar) Die Casting machine for Long cycle life.

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