About Energy Power Systems

The global demand for sustainable energy solutions is on the rise. We are aware of our commitment to elevate the quality of life, while at the same time generating green energy responsibly. We will continue to do all it takes to takes to make solar energy affordable and accessible to all.

Energy Power Systems is a “One-Stop-Shop” like a solar energy solution provider. We provide solutions for EPC of utility-scale solar PV Modules, Inverters, ACDB, DCDB, solar water heaters, off-grid solar systems, etc.

We continue to deliver on our key principles of innovation, quality, sustainability and value. Our solar panel solutions are an example of this approach in practice. We’ve worked with experts in the field to deliver a start-to-finish solar panel service from design, through installation and maintenance – supporting you in the drive towards sustainable construction and greener living.

  • Leader in Industrial and Residential Rooftop System Installation
  • Turnkey Solutions Provider


Energy Power Systems aspires to be among the global leaders for providing clean energy solutions. To exceed our customer's expectations in cost, quality and services through continuous improvement in our systems, processes and approach, and through customer interactions.


To provide a world-class Clean Energy Solutions at most affordable cost by adopting emerging technologies and innovative products

  • 9 Years In The Solar PV Market

  • 28 MW Of Solar Epc Portfolio

  • Turnkey Energy Solutions Provider

  • 2500+ Grid Connected Solar Power Systems

  • 250+ MW Solar Project Developed By Mgt. Team

  • One Of The India's No. 1 Industrial & Residential Rooftop System Installer