Solar Cleaning

After solar panel installation in your home, you are left wondering how to make the most out of your investment. The ideal way is to make sure that your solar panels have supportive conditions for generating electricity.

This can be done by making sure your solar panels are clean. Clean panels increase the efficiency of the system and also the system’s lifespan.

Most solar panels are self-cleaning as rain cleans a big part of the obstructing dirt or pollen. However, there are a few cases that may make solar panel cleaning worthwhile. One such instance is when the solar panels are installed at a shallow angle.

This positioning does not allow all accumulated dirt to be washed away making it necessary to regularly clean your solar panels.

Another case that warrants regular cleaning of solar panels is a specific, localized circumstance. A good example is when you live next to an agricultural field, airport runaway, factory or next to a highway. These places generate more dirt that my regular cleaning.

In addition, bird droppings can obstruct sunlight, therefore, affecting the performance of the solar panel systems.Solar panel cleaning activity depends on the type of dirt that is present on the modules. The best time to wash your solar panels is when they are not hot. Also, the preferred time is early in the morning or in the evening.

Cleaning them mid-day may break the glass, or if it does not break, you can damage the glass/metal seal because of the high temperatures.

It is very important to clean your solar panels. Dirt on the solar panels prevents the entry of light. Moreover, solar panels are made to work by allowing light enters the solar cells. Bird poop, dust or pollen prevent the light from reaching the solar cells which eventually leads to less energy production.

Manual Solar Cleaning

While there are automated systems available to do the job, there are many out there who, for a variety of reasons, prefer manual solar panel cleaning. The cleaning of solar panels is a job that must be done right. For those who have chosen not to install any of the solar panel cleaning systems available to them, here are some things we would like our residential and commercial customers to remember when doing the job themselves.       

Be Careful. Exercise extreme caution and care when going up on your roof and cleaning solar panels. This may seem like an obvious point, but it is perhaps the most important one we can make.

Remove all debris from your panels. This includes sticks, leaves or any other type of debris that has the potential to cause a malfunction in your panels.

Check panels for exposed wires or cracks prior to washing. If you find any, make certain they are fixed before you wash.

Use soft water if possible. Hard water can leave permanent calcium deposits on your panels, which can reduce their efficiency.

Choose the right cleaning solution. Some cleaning solutions can actually cause damage to solar panels.

Scrub gently. Be gentle while removing dirt from your solar panels.

Be gentle while drying. Scrubbing or drying in too hard of a manner can cause scratches on panels.

Automatic Solar Cleaning

Why climb up on your rooftop and risk falls and damage to your equipment when our solar panel cleaners can do the work for you? 

  • Independently programmed rinse and wash cycle
  • Helps you to maximize solar panel production on daily basis
  • Helps to recover lost kilowatt power at pennies per watt
  • Features security fasteners and other anti theft measures
  • Uses biodegradable cleaning concentrates
  • Rooftop, ground mount and carport installations
  • Professional installation